Our Story

Our journey to revolutionize the way that multifamily organizations collect and manage rent.

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'There has to be a better way'

Domuso is rooted in the notion that if no acceptable solution exists, it should. Since our conception in 2014, Domuso has continued to expand its capabilities, leading the industry into a new era of digital rent collection.

Founded in 2014 in Santa Monica

Domuso's founders saw how outdated rental payments were and how antiquated the process of collecting and managing rent was. WIth no suitable solutions available, they decided to build one. And so, Domuso was born.


First of its kind: Digitally Certified Payments

In 2018 Domuso introduced a first-of-its-kind digitally certified payment option to enable residents to turn credit, debit, and ACH transactions into cash-equivalent payments.


Unveiling the first true Mobile Check Pay

In 2020 Domuso released the industry’s first true mobile check scanner, allowing residents to pay with digital images of checks and money orders from their phones.


Trailblazing payment centralization in 2023

In 2023, a brand new resident portal and expanded integration partners list enabled Domuso to allow organizations with multiple backend systems to centralize rent collection and eliminate payment processing onsite.


Discover the Future of Rent Collection.