4 Reasons to Move to Domuso Maintenance Requests Now


The demands of the multifamily world are continuously evolving and operators can no longer afford to get bogged down in email communications and in-person requests.  Poor response time to maintenance requests can have serious consequences both in terms of a net loss of time for property managers to focus on high-value tasks as well as the resulting negative ratings and reviews from residents. 

Here are just a few reasons it may be time to make the switch to Domuso’s online maintenance requests: 

Increase productivity and free up staff to focus on high-value tasks

Organizing and managing maintenance requests in a two-way online interface drives productivity by reducing manual touchpoints, helping streamline operations and avoid delays that can potentially exacerbate time-sensitive issues. Providing residents the ability to submit detailed requests with photos, view and track the progress of those requests reduces time-intensive email communications, freeing up time for management and maintenance staff to get the work done and focus on other high value tasks.

Improve the resident experience and increase resident satisfaction 

With online requests, residents can easily provide important details, attach pictures and monitor the status of their request in real-time. Providing relevant information up front helps residents communicate details to help maintenance staff properly prepare ahead of time and fix the issue quickly with as few disturbances as possible to residents. 

Streamlining the maintenance process helps create a hassle-free experience for residents and an increased perception in value of the community’s service, which can improve reputation and increase retention. NMHC data shows that 64% of renters think the most convenient way to report an issue is by using an online system, and properties that have upgraded to such systems consistently get higher satisfaction scores on review sites like net promoter.

It’s fast to set up and doesn’t cost anything

In a few easy steps, properties already using Domuso can start accepting online maintenance requests at no additional cost. The interface creates a more direct workflow and can have a custom setup, allowing properties to collect key information upfront, such as permissions to enter an apartment or informing maintenance personnel to the presence of a pet. Domuso’s maintenance request functionality easily integrates with multiple property management systems in a 2-way data exchange.

Create organizational transparency on issues

Managing maintenance requests online as part of an integrated system with property management software provides managers with easily searchable, tracked and organized information that can easily be shared with corporate stakeholders. Providing decision makers with important source information on the quantity of requests, time to resolve issues, as well as ratings and reviews by residents can prove invaluable when issues arise.

This integration helps managers save time and simplify their resident communication while simultaneously enhancing residents’ overall experience.  If you’re interested in learning more about Domuso’s online maintenance requests, or activating this feature for your property, please contact [email protected].

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