Incentivizing On-Time Payments: A Paradigm Shift in Collection Strategies

Terri Nicholson, SVP of Strategic Accounts & Partnerships at Domuso, shared her industry knowledge and expertise in a recent article on The Multifamily Journal:

Occupancy rates are ideal and residents are content, but there is still one problem – a number of residents perpetually fall behind on their rent payments each month. An October Census Household Pulse survey found that nearly 4.9 million households are behind on rent. This is an issue that has burdened the industry since its inception, leading to a unified goal of the multifamily sector – improve the rent collection process to reduce delinquencies and increase revenue.

People still struggle to pay rent. More than 12 million residents are substantially cost burdened, spending over 50% of their income on housing and utilities. Traditionally, enforcing the collection of rent from delinquent residents has consisted of repeated reminders, late fees and in extreme cases, the threat of eviction. However, those strategies tend to result in strained resident-associate relationships and, in many instances, failure to produce the desired outcome. 

Taking a new approach, most notably offering resident rewards with cash-back incentives, could be the motivating factor to improving payment practices. 

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