What are Domuso Maintenance Requests?


Domuso has helped your property manage rent receivables and remove paper from the leasing office. Our commitment to “true digital” is all about streamlining processes to save you valuable resources and increase resident satisfaction. And now that efficiency includes a new, efficient way for properties and residents to organize, track, resolve and manage maintenance requests.

Why property managers should choose Domuso maintenance requests

Domuso maintenance requests reduce manual touchpoints.

Integrated maintenance requests mean fewer lengthy phone calls, spontaneous visits to the office, and urgent emails. Property managers and leasing staff have more time to focus on high-value tasks.

They work bi-directionally.

All parties can all view progress in real time. If maintenance staff has a question, residents can answer in-app — no need for phone calls or hassle while a resident is at work. 

The workflow is simple and direct.

Managing maintenance requests on other platforms can lead to a convoluted workflow — a resident may come to leasing staff with their concerns. In turn, leasing has to input the request and pass it along to maintenance. Then the whole process happens again in reverse. With Domuso’s integrated maintenance requests, there’s a direct line of communication.

Maintenance request forms are customizable.

Your property can tailor maintenance request forms to meet your individual needs. Request permission to enter apartments, pet information, privacy lock codes, and more.

Ratings and reviews? Awesome.

When a request is complete, residents are prompted to rate and review in-app. Not only does the convenience make them more likely to respond, it also increases general satisfaction, according to research conducted by experience management company Qualtrics.

How integrated maintenance request forms benefit residents

Status can be viewed in real time.

Who doesn’t want to monitor what’s going on in their home — especially if it’s time-sensitive or may affect valuable possessions? Domuso’s integrated maintenance request platform automatically updates residents with notes, questions, and confirmation the task is complete.

Domuso maintenance request forms save time.

Residents click into the pre-installed app they already use to pay rent, answer a few questions, and attach relevant pictures. The property does the rest — no need for back-and-forth phone calls or leasing office visits.

Privacy is a priority.

When submitting a request, residents can include information about convenient times, pets, and security codes.

Ease = satisfaction.

Integrated maintenance request forms boost resident satisfaction. In fact, NMHC data shows that 64% of renters think the most convenient way to report an issue is by using an online system.

Ready to streamline your maintenance requests?

Properties that work with Domuso can accept online maintenance requests easily, at no additional cost. Your customer support representative can guide you through the process at your convenience. After that, launch the program to residents with the convenient tools we provide, and you’re on your way to a more direct workflow and higher resident satisfaction. 

Don’t work with Domuso yet? Our payment platform and maintenance request functionality both easily integrate with your existing property management system. In addition to saving time and money with integrated maintenance requests, you can switch to 100% paperless payments with Domuso.

To learn more about Domuso’s online maintenance requests, read the press release here, or to activate this feature for your property, please complete the contact form below.

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