Payment Insights: Unlocking Efficiency & Performance

Learn more about Payment Insights–a brand new addition to the Domuso payments portal!

đź•’ 20 minutes

In this webinar, we discuss the need for a centralized, portfolio-wide dashboard, the benefits of actionable data and a quick demo of the Payment Insights dashboard. By watching, you’ll learn:

– How our clients can use the data in the dashboard

– How the dashboard can help amplify centralization efforts

– How we help our clients achieve their digital adoption goals

Hosted by: Abbie Fly, Product Marketing Manager


– Terri Nicholson, SVP of Strategic Accounts
– Julian Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer

Learn why it’s valuable to have a single view for on-site staff, regional managers and VPs to see trends and identify areas of focus to improve portfolio performance.

Discover the importance of having a centralized dashboard where you can view portfolio-wide or property-specific insights to help you make important business decisions.

Our client success team sets Domuso apart from other payment providers. Your account manager will help you drive performance and reach your goal of 100% digital payments.

Read a more detailed  summary of the key takeaways from the webinar where we discussed the benefits of Payment Insights and how it can help PMCs achieve their goals. 


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