How Resident Behavior Shapes the Rental Revolution

How Resident Behavior Shapes the Rental Revolution

Ron Klein, Head of Product at Domuso, shared his industry knowledge and expertise in a recent article on Multifamily Insider:

More than 83% of consumers enrolled in loyalty programs say that earning rewards significantly influences their decision to make repeat purchases from a business. It’s no secret that the introduction of new products and services aimed at enhancing convenience is a major driving force behind boosting customer satisfaction and increasing revenue. For example, in the multifamily space, self-guided tours allow potential residents to schedule a visit on their own time while freeing up on-site staff bandwidth, which enables businesses to operate more efficiently.

With rent prices largely stagnant, operators are searching for ways to increase efficiencies and maintain property performance. Enter the rental revolution. In order to optimize operations, mitigate outstanding arrears and ensure a resident experience that stimulates repeat renewals, operators are tapping into digital payments and resident rewards. 

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