Introducing Domuso Rewards. Where Living Pays Off.

We’re excited to unveil Domuso Rewards, a groundbreaking resident rewards program designed to foster positive resident behavior while increasing your NOI!

Reward your residents with cash back on rent when they engage in positive behaviors inside the Domuso app. Take a look at our video to see why we’re so excited!

Why Domuso Rewards? 

Research shows that consumer rewards program participation is at an all-time high, and, modern amenities like resident engagement apps are currently ranked the #1 deciding factor in resident satisfaction and retention. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why rewards programs have the potential to be successful in multifamily. By influencing the right behaviors, rewards can impact higher retention, better online reputation, and higher digital adoption. 

Did you know the average cost to turn a unit over is $4,000 per resident? Or that 80% of all renters value positive reviews when looking for a new home? Resident rewards can save you thousands a month, while contributing to higher occupancy and happier residents. 

Benefits for Residents

  • Cash back on rent! Residents redeem points in the Domuso app for monetary discounts on next month’s rent, a reward that motivates residents to participate in the program consistently. 
  • Modern amenities lead to a better living experience. Modern amenities like resident mobile apps are ranked the highest deciding factor in resident satisfaction and retention.
  • Improved resident communication, leading to happier residents. Rewards for the completion of feedback surveys allow residents to feel heard, and when that feedback leads to change it can create an overall happier community. 
  • Create a tight- knit community with referral rewards. Sense of community ranked in the top 5 reasons that residents renew their lease, and referral rewards allow residents to choose their own neighbors, creating a greater connection to their community. 

Benefits for Property Managers

  • Drive resident engagement. Residents earn points just for signing up for Domuso! Points can be redeemed for cash back on rent, resulting in increased overall resident engagement. 
  • Increase digital adoption. Reward residents for on-time online payments with bonus points for consistency and see a notable increase in digital adoption. 
  • Greater cashflow reliability. Encourage residents to sign up for auto-pay and increase your reliable cash flow with streak rewards. 
  • Higher occupancy and retention. Retain existing residents and attract new ones with rewards for feedback surveys and resident referrals, driving resident happiness.
  • Better digital reputation. With nearly 80% of renters claiming they value positive online reviews when looking for a home, rewards for reviews can help you meet your occupancy goals.
  • Save thousands per month. Save $4k (on average) per unit turnover with rewards for lease renewals, decreasing your overall vacancy rate and saving you thousands. 

Why Domuso? 


Most rewards programs fail to incentivize one of the most important behaviors of all: rent payments. Our Head of Product, Ron Klein, said it best. “The integration of resident reward programs and digital payments creates a powerful synergy. These programs motivate residents to embrace secure online payment methods, driving a more secure, steady stream of revenue for your properties and allowing you to centralize payment processes” 

Domuso Rewards provides powerful benefits for multifamily organizations, all on its own, but when coupled with Domuso payments — which offers residents seven ways to pay, five of which are digitally certified payment options, plus chargeback protection on all credit and debit transactions and a dedicated adoption team for each account — you suddenly have both the means and the motivation to enact resident change and achieve a new level of financial security.

With our new Resident Rewards Program, Domuso offers a unique opportunity to promote positive resident behaviors, enact positive change in your communities, and enhance your property’s overall NOI. By harnessing the desire for modern amenities and familiar loyalty program benefits and combining that with Domuso’s world class payments platform, you unlock a secret weapon for working smarter, not harder, in today’s challenging market.

Partnering with Domuso is a strategic move that will pay off for both you and your residents. Connect with us to learn how Domuso is helping companies leverage rewards to drive results and schedule a demo today!

About Domuso

Domuso is driving digital transformation for the multifamily industry with an advanced platform to manage payments and communication throughout the entire resident lifecycle. Domuso captures 100% of a property’s receivables electronically while giving residents the flexibility to access multiple payment methods from any mobile device.

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