Redefining the Resident Experience with Financial Wellness

Redefining the Resident Experience

Terri Nicholson, SVP of Strategic Accounts & Partnerships at Domuso, shared her industry knowledge and expertise in a recent article on Multifamily Insider:

Operators are always striving to create a better resident experience that has a lasting impact. For many, that begins with establishing quality relationships that benefit both themselves and the residents. While amenities have long been the cornerstone of a positive resident experience, operators are now looking to nontraditional features that cater to the modern renter as a way to increase renewals.

Operators are beginning to shift their focus to financial wellness initiatives, including unique reward programs, to enhance residents’ lifestyles and help them develop the groundwork that leads to an unparalleled experience. From tailored financial amenities to personalized loyalty programs, these contemporary strategies are completely reshaping the multifamily landscape.

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Domuso is driving digital transformation for the multifamily industry with an advanced platform to manage payments and communication throughout the entire resident lifecycle. Domuso captures 100% of a property’s receivables electronically while giving residents the flexibility to access multiple payment methods from any mobile device.

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