Explore the Domuso Difference

Explore the Domuso Difference. Hero featuring mobile, web, and tablet screenshots of the Domuso rent payment platform.


Meet the needs of every user with our user-friendly platform.

More payment options and a better experience for residents with superior training and support for managers.



Get more done without
lifting a finger.

Set automated payment methods and acceptance criteria based on rules you set to enforce your policies.



Maximize accounting proficiency to streamline operations.

Accurate, real-time rent payment technology unified seamlessly with existing property management system. 


Features that Satisfy Everyone

Offering more payment options, a better user experience and easier training and onboarding for property managers.


Payment Features

✓ Scan checks and money orders directly into your accounting system

✓ Convenient mobile payment options

✓ Conventional methods including eCheck, ACH and major credit and debit cards

✓ Digital certified funds replace paper money orders

✓ Point-of-sale credit option allows residents to pay in installments

✓ MoneyGram partnership converts cash into digital certified funds

✓ Mobile Check Pay lets residents pay rent by scanning their own checks


Premier Onboarding & Training

Live support tutorials will get your property up and running fast and account managers will keep you up-to-speed with ways to maximize efficiency and productivity.


Convenient User Experience

Deliver a stronger and more responsive user-experience for residents with the ease, convenience, and simplicity of the Domuso platform.


Unrivaled Automation

Upgrade your rent payment management system with sophisticated automation and payment logic to reduce errors, remove risk and improve operational efficiency and profitability.

Automated Payment Logic

Set business rules to present only those payment options for which a residents is eligible based on account status or date range.

Easily Manage Returns

Avoid dealing with insufficient funds by automatically notifying the resident, reversing the payment in their account and reconciling with your accounting ledger in real-time.

Auto-Accept Criteria

Take control of your receivables by setting the parameters and conditions under which you are willing to auto-accept partial or full payment and prepayment. Only review payments that don’t meet set criteria and resolve directly in your dashboard.

Efficient Resident Communication

Daily data synchronization with your property management system identifies new residents and automatically sends them an invitation to open a Domuso account.

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Powerful Accounting Integrations

Unify your property management system with the most accurate way to collect and manage rent payments digitally.

Digital Acceleration

Collect 100% of rent digitally with mobile and certified payment options to remove paper from the leasing office and position your organization to compete for owners who demand an all-digital solution.  

Real-time Posting

Post resident payments automatically in batches that align with the disbursement batches for easy accounting, adjust balance due and expedite delinquency reporting and receivables reconciliation in real-time.

Easy Onboarding

A sophisticated onboarding process and live training, combined with tools like an integrated “Pay Rent” button and a property-branded mobile web portal, gets your team up to speed quickly and easily.

Faster Accounting

Reliable accounting integrations with leading property management systems match resident ledger data and banking activity, reducing mistakes and giving your accounting team the ability to close each month’s books faster.



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