Meet Domuso: Heather Guhrke

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Meet Domuso – where we shine the spotlight on one of our team members.

This month, it’s a member of our Customer Support Team – Heather Guhrke – National Training Manager.

Q: How long have you been with Domuso and what do you do here?

I’ve been with Domuso for nearly 8 years now. September marks my 8-year milestone with the company. As the National Training Manager, I oversee our client resources, ensuring we meet customer training needs.

Q: Describe yourself in a few words.

I am a mother, dedicated, understanding, and adventurous.

Q: Tell us about what you did before Domuso?

Prior to joining Domuso, I worked in the multifamily industry, where I spent 12 years honing my skills. During that time, I worked in various roles, from management and sales to marketing and events. I focused on increasing revenue and bringing value to each asset.

Q: What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of the person I am today, both professionally and personally. I’ve grown with Domuso and witnessed its evolution. It’s been awe-inspiring to watch Domuso thrive and pivot to our client’s needs. On a personal level, I am a proud mother of 3 wonderful children – they push me to be a better person, every day. 

Q: What excites you most about Domuso?

It’s definitely been exciting to watch the company grow over the years. We’re in a very competitive market and Domuso has the opportunity to make a difference in the industry and it feels great to be a part of that!

Q: Describe our company culture in 3 words or less.

Competitive, Resilient, and Ambitious.

Q: What’s the most unique part about working here?

You know, working at Domuso has given me the opportunity to really branch out and think outside of the box. I’ve worn many hats and learned a lot. Domuso values learning and development, which has empowered me to expand my knowledge and skills.

Q: Tell us a cool story.

We’re going to go back a little bit. I grew up deep sea fishing; I was one of the only grandchildren who actually enjoyed spending 10+ hours a day on the boat. My grandfather, uncle, and father were big into sport fishing and would compete in Marlin tournaments in the beautiful town of San Carlos, Mexico. When I was about 15 years old, I had a life-changing experience. On one of our fishing trips, my reel was hooked, and the battle began. Strapped into the fishing chair my grandfather yelled, “It’s not your catch if anyone touches that reel.” After two hours of struggle, I successfully reeled in a 95 lb sailfish. That moment ignited my passion for adventure and determination. As I grew older, I instilled the importance of outdoor experiences and adventures in my own children’s lives. It’s a legacy I’m proud to carry on from my grandfather’s boat, the Ocean Dancer.

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